NAME ERROR Sec 34-1N-1E in Garvin County OK

Yesterday I received a letter from Continental referencing pooling order 724857 regarding a pooling bonus on the Balvenie 1-6-31-30XHW in Sec 34-1N-1E in Garvin County OK. This letter reflects my aunt’s name along with my own, showing as HER NAME, DEC’D, C/O MY NAME. I had previously contacted the owner relations at Continental to advise of the error and wrongly assumed it had been cleared up.

The royalty interests were initially held by my great-grandmother. Upon her death they were to be disbursed to her two children - my granny and her sister (my aunt). As my granny pre-deceased my great-grandmother, her inheritance instead passed to her children (my mother and her two siblings).

Upon my mother’s death, her share of the royalties passed to myself and my siblings.

My aunt had two children of her own which are her heirs.

There is currently a pooling bonus pending, and presumably there will be future royalty payments. What can I do to get this cleared up? I am concerned about future payments, taxes, etc as well as future disbursement to my own children when I eventually die.

Thank you in advance for your advise.

Have each of the heirs filed their probate documents with the clerk of records in the Garvin County courthouse? That is necessary as it is the official repository. The best thing to do quickly is to send a certified letter to Continental informing them of the line of inheritance and ask them what is required as proof of heirship. You need to get this cleared up with the county and also with Continental. You need to consult with your accountant and attorney about how to properly pass your portion to your heirs.

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