N. central kansas

Any recent lease terms info for N Central Kansas??

I have been approached by a brokerage outfit for leasing in Thomas Co. KS, NW portion of the state. Terms were very low, $35/ac for a 3 yr. paid up 1/8 lease with an option to renew for 2 yrs at same terms. I politely declined. I have heard the leasing activity may be in response to the Niobrara discoveries and heavy leasing in NE Colo. and SE Wyo. Any others with knowledge of leasing in NW Kansas, I would appreciate your input.

Would you mind disclosing the name of the brokerage company? Did they say they were representing a major gasco or were they speculators looking to flip leases at a profit?

In regards to you questions however, I can't help. I am a Michigan property owner, just reading and learning about gas leasing.