My Trip to Doddridge WV

Just returned from a long and tedious drive from So. Utah to Doddridge County WV. 2000 miles one way and 100 miles a day for 5 day's looking for specific Antero Wells. We found a lot of pads and wells but believe me when I say we only scratched the surface. I will attempt to post what I found by District, all wells were either complete or in some stage of construction. I pretty much made a pest of myself but found all security guards willing to let me go up to the pads, I took some pictures but did not take all API#s. Each pad i went were very busy as you can imagine. So here goes with my list and hope that some wells will effect some of you.

New Milton>Farrow(017-06362, Gearheart 06334,Carr 06453,Nickers 06333. one pad.

Grant>New wells: Zimka 06423, Manser, Marvin, Alvadore 06474, Jacob. " Leatherman pad", Holder 06202, Langfitt, Leatherman, vascoy. These wells are all producing.

Central>John Davis Pad>Piggot 06141, Valentine, Dodson. These are producing. New wells on this pad >Hiley, Mc pherson 06488, Twyford 06541,Shearer.

Central-Wilhelm Watershed, Amanda 06432, Zellerback, Alder, Murphy, Dotson.

Near graveyard Central Station, Seaborn, tulip, Violet, Marks.

I drove for hours trying to find some of these wells, one that I did not find was the Gaskins well in Grant District: Wells are Costlow, Gaskins, Hoskins, and Knight.

Also passed some pads but could not get up to them as truck after truck were either going up or coming down.

I repeat, my Wife and I only scratched the surface, Lot's going on in Doddridge as I see many more permits in the works, Hope this list helps some of you.

thank you Arnold for the time and effort. Although my wells aren't on your list, I have received news 2 days ago from Antero, they are drilling one well beginning of Oct. and another 2 weeks after. I have not received any paperwork (Division order?) yet, but I am very excited. My wells will be located in the Grant District.

Arnold, How very generous of you to share this information! None of mine are on here, but I did speak with Antero a while back and 2 of mine have had first sales, so I hope to hear something by the end of October. Sounds like some trip!


How did you find the exact physical location of these wells?

Thanks in advance,


Stephanie, The WV Geological & Economic Survey has detailed information about O & G wells that you can access on-line. However, if you are not familiar with Geological maps it will take some education. My suggestion would be to go to your public library and see if they can help you. Or the office of any land surveyor should be able to help. Here is the contact info for the WV Geological & Economic Survey organization.

West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey Mont Chateau Research Center 1 Mont Chateau Road Morgantown, WV 26508-8079 Telephone: 1-800-984-3656 or 304-594-2331


  1. Go To:
  2. Go To: Pipeline-Plus, under Map & Data Quick Links.
  3. Go To Scanned Records Search
  4. Type in full API Number in the API# box and hit search.
  5. Down at Lower Left, under “VIEW” click on PLATOL.pdf

I haven’t done this in the last 6 months so, I hope it still works.

There is all kinds of good data on the “PIPELINE-PLUS” data base.

Stephanie, I took my permits that had been issued with me to Doddridge that gave me an idea about where the wells were located, than I drove over 600 miles in one week locating them. It was not easy, but by talking to people and lots of driving I found most of them. one well that went on line in Jan 2014, I never did find. Most people that I talked to would say> yea, Antero is starting to drill fourteen miles up the road, so away I would go,sometimes successful, most of the time not. It's work, but there is a lot going on.

Good advice, Richard.

Another website, from the WV Office of Oil and Gas, is here: WV Office of Oil and Gas Map Search

Put in the API number as they way and it should give you the location.

Thank you.