My Texas Mineral Rights?

I ran across a land deed where my grandfather sold his land and on the deed he retains mineral rights but transfers them to his 2 children all on the same deed. this was done in Rusk County with witnesses and all being notarized. Who should I talk to about getting these rights in my name? My father was one of the children. He died early in life and it looks like the other sister kept everything secret from my side of the family. We never knew about all of this, but rusk county deed records tells no lies. There are 4 gas pipelines that cross over the land and 1 crude oil pipeline cutting across the land also. 317 acres Any info would be appreciated. Was it legal to give mineral rights to people this way?

You might hope that an attorney hops in and answers this one.

From what I am hearing, a conveyance was made to X, reserving the minerals into B and C, who are strangers to title.

I was taught many moons ago that a Reservation to a Stanger in Title was a void reservation. Void, as in not voidable, but rather one of no consequence or effect.

I feel pretty good that with the proper words of grant into the children, consideration, delivery, and other elements of contract, etc., a claim could be made that the minerals were placed where granddad wanted them placed.

Rusk is a messed up county, title wise. Henderson tripled in size in just a few years heralding the beginning of the East Texas oil boom. Lots of shady dealings.

I have some verbal history from my great uncle, who worked in the East Texas field during the boom. I asked him what he remembered most. His one-word answer was, “Mosquitoes.”


Buddy Cotten

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If you can post images of the deed, or recording information for the deed in Rusk County, people will likely be able to tell you what exactly was going on. You can grant different properties to different people in the same deed, but we would have to see the complete document to verify what happened.

even though it states. that Gene Dair Griffin, Virgil Griffin, George D. Guy and Alpha Entrakin were grantors, this property was not in their names. I also have the lien release.

I found this at Rusk County Deeds researching family history. just wondering why no one has ever contacted us about these mineral rights unless it must not be a legal document.

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