My reason for interest

I looked up my name on our state Treasury for lost money owed to me. There was a mineral rights and royalties for over $100. I called to ask what was this matter in regards to? The women wouldn’t give me that information, and said I would have to open a ticket to find out the information. I thought what would have right for? I thought has to be furnice oil I paid for in a home I rented years back, and must had went undelivered, or something to that effect. So I called the oil company whom had supplied the oil. The man I spoke to had no record of owing me any paid for but undelivered oil. Told me things didn’t work that way as well. You pay first, we deliver what you paid for. So I eventually went back to the state treasury site to open up a ticket to claim ownership. But it was no longer listed. So I called to inquire. The women said it was seized for tax debt. I asked her where did this money come from, she said she no longer could access that information. Without offering me a source for whom I could ask. I hung up, but have never forgotten about it’s mysterious origin. I have wondered if it came from my Grandmother. I believe she has mineral rights to land in Waterloo Ohio. Don’t know much except she once gave me a couple thousand dollars of her profit to buy my 1st car in 1989. She told me that the land where she grew up her father had purchased for $1 an acre back in 1920 or before. There had been a long court battle with the company whom drilled and mined from the property. Their must have been some sort of settlement abd she received payments from the company . My grandmother came from a family with 13 children. Not all were living at the time she died in 2001. I’m not sure how mineral rights are past down. I don’t know if they would go to her children, or to her siblings. I have often wondered if this was where the Treasury funds had originated from. If so, how would I find this info? I have tried to do searches online in Ohio’s records, but I haven’t found anything helpful in my search. Not even the property which I still believe the family owns. Is there anyone who can help point me in the right direction? Would be much appreciated. Thank you Kristina Aduka

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