My Mineral Rights in Reeves County

My mineral rights lease ends in April 2017. Since I'm getting royalty checks, I would think they are now drilling this area. Just wanted to see if this is the area they are talking about where the major oil find is located. According to the lease, here is the description:

W/2 of Subdivision 5 and all of Subdivision 6, Section 7, Block 2, H&GN RR co Survey

I have no idea how to translate this other than the description on the lease.

Are they now drilling in this area of Reeves County? Is there value in this?

Had this land since 2001 and have received two consecutive royalty checks from Anadarko.

Thank you,

-David Thiele

If you're receiving royalty checks, then there is drilling on your lease or in a pooled unit that includes your lease. Assuming no vertical or horizontal pugh clauses in your lease, then your lease will stay in force for as long as there is production from it or the unit it is pooled into in paying quantities (where monthly revenues are more than monthly operating costs).

Based on this information, I can't tell where the well and/or land is located. The royalty check should have the name of the well. Share it and I can give you a better idea of what is going on.


Your well is located in Section 7, Block 2, Reeves Co., Tx

Your well is the ROBERTSON STATE UNIT 2-7 1H operated by Anadarko. It's a horizontal well. The API# for this well is 42-389-34955. The unit consists of 637.48 acres.

Several companies are filing new permits in Block 2 so it is getting active. 7 permits were filed in November so far; 18 filed in October; however close to your Section only two were active this year. Section 1 had several permits filed in early 2016 and Section 18 just had several permits filed.