My future

Holding on to mineral rights for the future is good for a younger person is good advice. I am 82 years old, my future is now or never. I do not want to sell all my holdings just enough to ease my credit card debt.


So many variables to consider, your overall portfolio, heirs, location of your minerals, etc. I would suggest you consult with an investment advisor that is familiar with mineral wealth and income. My experience has been, the majority of investment advisors are completely unaware of the industry and the advantages / disadvantages of mineral ownership.

Good Luck

You picked a bad time to sell minerals. Prices are down because oil price are low. If you wanted to sell, you should of sold when oil was $100 bb. Kinda like the stock marked, should have, ha-a. I think oil business will turn around and prices will go up again, but it may not see $100 bb during our lifetime. At 82, you are just starting to live as a lot of people are making to 100. So in today's world, live a little more.


There is only room for your feet in your shoes. However, before you decide to sell, ignore the unsolicited offers and get an evaluation of the value of your minerals to the long term and final owner of your minerals THEN decide what is best for you and pursue that route. Selling your minerals should be on your terms not the "smoke and mirrors" offers that come unsolicited.

Gary L Hutchinson