My Brothers minerals

hello my brother passed away in Dec 2020. he is divorced. his x wife filed death of airship but she is not an air. his 5 children is. how can you do that when you are not even married. she has no claim, his children do. is this breaking the law. he was in prison for 14 years she divorced him years ago. can she do that? can i file he is my brother. i do not want my brothers stuff in the wrong hands. Help please

Hello! I might be able to offer some recommendations… but please tell me - in which state are the mineral rights located?

WoW how unfortunate. Hope all works out in your favor.

In Hughes Oklahoma and Seminole

Thank you for giving that information. It depends on what the Affidavit of Death and Heirship says whether there could be a problem. If his ex-wife filled it out, but correctly listed all the heirs that shouldn’t be a problem. If you think it was done incorrectly, you can always fill out your own Affidavit of Death and Heirship and file it with the County Clerk in both Oklahoma and Seminole County. If the minerals are producing, you may need to give the operator notice that your brother has passed and to put his accounts in suspense until ownership is sorted out.