Muskogee county

I have recently stumbled upon a oil and gas lease I’ve never seen before in my grandparents things. I have tried to research the best I can. It’s in Muskogee county. This lease is from a long time ago is there anyway to see if it’s still producing? All my other mineral rights are in Hughes. It says SE/4, NE/4 section 31, T14N, R16E of the Indian base and Meridian.

The only well that is still listed as active is in the SE4, so your acreage may or may not apply. Does the lease have a comma between SE4 and NE4? Or no punctuation? That is important to know.

The Curtis #1 and #2 had last production in 1994. In the NE4. Oil & Gas Unlimited listed as operator.

Crooch 1-31 had last production in 2017. Still on the active list, but no production. Jennifer Watkins listed as operator on the OK tax site.

You might want to check to see if your relative’s names appear in unclaimed property.

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If so you might require a probate so that the heirs receive the royalties.