Murphy District price per acre

What are people being offered to sell their mineral interest for in Murphy District, Ritchie County? I have in the south of Murphy district and I'm curious to see what others are being offered. I know its not the best area in Ritchie but just want to get a feel for what would be an acceptable price per acre, I know royalty interest, current/future production and location plays a big role on determining value, but looking for a rough estimate. Thanks in advance


You are correct, there are numerous variables at play in determining price / net mineral acre. Currently, I am purchasing parcels in Murphy District for anywhere between 750.00 - 1,500.00 / NMA. My estimations are, it will be 10 - 15 years before there is any significant drilling in Murphy District, the infrastructure is nonexistent, nor am I aware of any plans to construct a new pipeline, anytime soon.

If you are seeking a more specific price, send me a location of your parcels, if there is any production / with whom and if there is a lease in place, either producing or negotiated.