Multiple part property question

I have an elderly friend of 30+ years that has recently developed a severe case of dementia/Alzheimer's.

She has mineral rights somewhere around Durant, OK but cannot tell me much information. I was hoping to find details of the property when cleaning out her estate but only found a bunch of offer letters that she never followed up on.

She named me her durable power of attorney and as her heir to the property in her will a few years ago, but I am so unfamiliar with mineral rights, I just don't know what I need to do.

Is there a way to request her property information to keep on file and is it smarter to transfer ownership now or wait.

I appreciate any help.


Try to get the names of parents or other family members that may have willed or deeded mineral property to your friend. Go to the local county courthouse and as the county clerk to help you find the Grantor/Grantee index and look for the names you came up with including your friend. I doubt if you will find her name in the on line County index but you may. Its worth a try.

If you can find your friend's name as a grantee, get copies of the transactions that were recorded into her name. The documents should give you a clue of the exact location and amount of the mineral rights. Also, if the will was drafted by an attorney, it may refer to known mineral rights in her file.

I hope you find something. If you do, get back to the forum and some of us can help you with an evaluation.

If you friend has no other heirs, try to take care of transfers soon through your Power of Attorney as it expires upon her death and then you may have to probate the will to get title.