Multiple Oil & gas properties/mineral rights in Oklahoma

My Grandfather left multiple Oil & Gas properties/mineral rights to my mother through his estate. We know that he had several in Garvin County, however he also had properties in other counties throughout Oklahoma. Most of these properties were purchased in the 1940’s or earlier and my grandfather inherited them when his parents died. We have descriptions on the properties but I don’t know what any of it means in respect to location or anything else. How would we find out if any of these properties are/aren’t producing? How do we find out exactly what the descriptions mean (location wise)? How do we find out about the mineral rights or if they exist?

Put the list in a spreadsheet and sort them by location by county and then section-township-range. I have maps of many of the counties so you can find them on a map. Let me know which ones you need.

You can find some of them in You can search on your mother’s name, your grandfather’s name and see if anything pops up. Not all counties are there, but many are. Free to search and doesn’t cost much to download or print.

Do that much first and then I can help you a bit more after you are organized.

I agree with Martha that is a great place to start. However, it covers only 64 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. All County List provides links to most of the counties including those that don’t participate in the Some require a subscription. A handful of Oklahoma counties offer no search at all. Also keep in mind that most counties do not have all records. Most go back to the 1990s only. Also worth searching is the Oklahoma Unclaimed Property. (if this is a violation of the forum rules let me know and I will delete the post.)

Thank you both for your assistance. I will put the spreadsheet together and get back with you for further help. This whole thing has been a nightmare for 4 years.