Multiple mineral rights owners to a section

I have a general question about leasing our mineral rights. Currently, eight different individuals own the mineral rights to a section of land northwest of Lamesa. As far as I know, all owners have the same legal status. If one or more individuals sign a lease agreement now, how do the other owners protect their future interests in any drilling activity on that land? Thanks very much.

Go to the top of the page and click on the search icon [a magnifying glass to the right of the “+ New Topic” blue rectangle]. Enter “The Unleased Mineral Owner” in the drop down box and click on the first return. This should open a page under Texas Mineral Rights - Reeves County dated September 2018. Be sure to read the link I shared “Rights and Responsibilities of Mineral Cotenants.” Have you viewed your acreage on the Texas RRC’s GIS Map Viewer?

Yes, I have. There doesn’t seem to be any activity on that specific section, and very little within a five-mile radius. So I guess it’ll be awhile before anything significant happens on that section of land. Thanks for the reference.

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