Multi unit Horizonal Drilling in Dewey County 24-16-14. HELP!

I own minerals in 13-16-14 which is 1 mile from current drilling in 24-16-14. My understanding is Continental is drilling multi unit horizontal well that is coming my direction. I have no lease as of date. I am seeking information about multi unit horizontal drilling and if I have any options other than being forced pool if I don't accept their options. Any information would be appreciated!

Sorry forgot to add that this is in Oklahoma.

What is/are the Cause CD No. on paperwork you have received - Pooling Application or Location Exception - from an attorney for Continental? These would be copies of filings to the Corporation Commission. If you would share those numbers, we can take a look and try to help you.

The following link is "Basic Information for the Oklahoma Royalty Owner", a publication of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Multi-unit horizontal wells are explained on page 18.