MTE/MDC Bankruptcy Revenues Owned

I see where there has not been any new posts to the existing MDC Bankruptcy topic since 2020. Has anyone else gone through the process with Streto and filed for the royalty revenues they were not paid? Inquiring minds want to know.

I am a mineral owner due unpaid royalties from MDC before they filed for bankruptcy. I do not have legal representation. Is there a procedure through Stretto that would help me obtain some of the royalties owed? That would be great news!
As you know most oil and gas is produced in the early life of the well, then dwindles. I have lost out on the higher part of the production. Any information would be welcomed!

Christine, I had no legal rep either. Tried to navigate the mess myself. The Stretto part of the mess I think is over and the window of opportunity to file a claim may be closed too. I say may be because I don’t know that for absolute certain. I will send what amounted to the last communication I got from Stretto which was basically info on the court proceeding on the East Coast. I’ll send you what info I have when I get back in my office tomorrow.

Gail, I think the window has closed,The bank took over MDC and it is now Maple Energy. if you want to call me I will share my lawyer with you. 214 505 4909


Thanks for the offer but I’ve got a guy already. I got all my stuff in on time and my claim shows up in their court docs. Just trying to find out who I need to talk to about getting paid. I have some calls pending. G


Checked my files and the deadline for filing a claim has passed. Sorry.


Royalty interests should have been protected in the bankruptcy case. If you haven’t already contact Maple Energy about the payments you are missing.

Have a different problem in that I contacted MDC and raised H—ll and received a check for some of the missed payments and received some checks the following months. Never received a 1099 form and finally reached Jason Glendo handling MDC problems 432-599-0534 said he would send me the 1099 form as they didn’t have the correct address?( they were sending checks)? Never received the forms as he said he would send or email me. Contacted John Gayle (Maple) He said MDC was closed so, “Please send us any information you have on the lease and we will get the 1099 track down for you.” Still waiting.

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