Moved out of state


I have moved out of state & my last lease has expired. Sabine Oil had leased the mineral rights for a total of 5 years (2 years bonus included). They marked the location where they were going to do a horizontal drill for natural gas. They pooled the mineral rights for the permit, they prepared the site but stopped short of drilling and then they filed for bankruptcy. So I have no lease at this point in time. I have now moved out of state and don’t know how to get my updated contact info out there for prospective landmen. I have contacted the Texas Tax Assessor’s Office and the County Register of Deeds but no one knows how to update my information. Can anyone tell me how to do this please? Cathy Compton Kurtz


You can prepare a simple statement - perhaps called Notice of Address Change - which states that your name, that you have moved and your new mailing address. Do not include your driver’s license or social security information or other personal information. If it is notarized, then you can filed it.


Who do I file it with?