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Ronnie, EOG completed 2 wells in 157- 89 section 29 a year ago, both wells are in the 100k barrels range for the first year, good production. The operators are sticking to the west side of the townships you asked about. The other two townships have had no recent activity.

Eventually someone will find out exactly where the edge is, but they don't have to do it right now and everyone would like for someone else to pay for finding the edge. Still too much profitable undrilled "safe" land farther west to drill. EOG won big time with those two wells and I would not be surprised if they leased a little more afterwards.


Hi - I am Helen Hardy Vedvig's daughter. They farmed near Ross, ND. The Barstad family bought their farm. I am interested in getting more mineral leasing knowledge. Thanks


It looks like a well has started june11. How long doe’s it take to finish it?



It takes 20 to 30 day to drill if everything goes smooth. Then about 2 weeks to frac if a frac spread and available. Oasis has its own frac. company which is good for us. I have friends there that will keep me updated and will advise. The well site is 11.5 acres and is set for 8 wells, 4 going north and for gong south. The 1st is going north. Jim my phone is 970 263 8369 if you would like to discuss.



Does anyone know on leases or drill activity in Mountrail County? Whats going on back there? We own land northeast of Stanley close to Ward County Line.


New well in Sec 9 & Sec 16-158N-94W! Rum Runner 1-16-9H, Slawson Exploration Co, Inc.


Does anybody have any info on the confidential wells on 17-156-90 being drilled by Slawson?


I was told that more than one operator can drill in a spacing unit. What happens if I have leased my mineral rights to one operator and another operator drills? Will I received royalties from the other drilling company?


Janis you will be entitled to royalty specified in your lease no matter who drills. It's the lessees job to work things out with the drilling operator.


Thanks R W. That helps a lot.

I have mineral rights in T158 R93 Sections 28 and 29. It looks like 29 is in a spacing unit with section 32 but there is no spacing unit for 28 yet. Is that a long process to designate a spacing unit?

How many acres in a spacing unit does an operator need to request a permit?


I have mineral right in mountrail county 158 N 88W section 19, anyone know if there is anything that is going on in this area? please email me back at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ or call me at 920-■■■■■■■■ thank you! I also have mineral rights in ward county if anyone would like to help with that as well. Thank you


Janis it doesn't take long for the state to set spacing, usually to whatever the operator asks for. 27,28, 33, 34 appear to not be spaced, I wonder if the may become a 2560 acre spacing.


MFMB that area hasn't seen any action or production lately. Mostly old dry holes and more recently expired permits that were never drilled.


is there any talk of going to that neck of the woods? I also have ward county at 159N 88W section 22,23 and 27. Hard to find info from where I live


thank you for your help! I guess it is just not going on in that area.


MFMB, it doesn't look like there is any interest at this time in either area. There are a few Madison wells in the area and one was drilled in 1983 and plugged in 1990 in 159-88 section 27.


thank you for your help. do you see anything for the future on these? I know your crystal ball is like mine and predict the future, just curious as to your thoughts. thank you again for what you have showed!


sorry, cant predict the future. There is no edit button LOL


R W , thanks for again for the information. I sure hope they stick to a 1280 spacing unit and don't go as large as 2560. It would really cut into the royalties.

Dose an operator usually wait until they have a certain number or percentage of acres in a spacing unit before they go for a permit?


Janis, they like to have as much of the spacing as they can get before they drill. The point is not to get others to share in the cost to get a slightly cheaper well, it's to make money from producing leased acres.

It happens in ND that some operator who does not have the greatest leasehold will apply for a permit to drill because their leases are going to expire.

The operator with the greatest leasehold is the presumptive operator and they may protest because they may get the chance to pick up some of the expiring leases. It's not nice but oil and gas is a dog eat dog game.