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How do I find out who and how many others get royalty from well named JORGENSON in mountrail county

Mr. Johnson, the operator could tell you if they would, but they may not want to. You could do a records search, either in the county courthouse or online with an NDRIN subscription to see who is leased in that spacing and have the greatest number of those receiving royalty.

I'm also a mineral owner in Mountrail County, ND. In fact one of the two locations is also in the same Township and Range as S. Yetter.

The two locations are T 151 N R 89 W Section 28 and the other is T 151 N R 90 W Section 24. Both locations are south of Parshall, not east as S. Yetter says his mineral rights are located. My lease expired February 22, 2012. I am seeking to lease the two locations again. Any information as to how I should proceed and what I can expect per acre would be appreciated. Ray in Woodbury, MN


I'm also a mineral owner in Mountrail 151,90,24 NW 1/4. Where are you? I have contacted a gentleman named Steven Ilkay, he's out of Toronto but handles getting leases. I e-mailed him last week and he is trying to get 640 acres together to present a large deal. You might contact him and see if he would be interested in working with you also. If you know any others in our area and would share that information with him it might speed up the process. I have 160 mineral acres. What amount do you have? His email is: ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ You can feel free to let him know I sent you his direction. Also, if you would be willing to share what $ amount you are trying to achieve for bonus I would be interested as well at % of royalty and length of lease so we could be on the same page. Sigrid

My location is T 151, 90, 24, W1/2, SW1/4. November, 18, 2011, I was contacted by a mineral management firm in Midland Texas and offered $2,000 per net mineral acre subject to title verification. At the time my acreage was under lease. This will give you an idea what mineral acrage is worth west of Highway 37, south of Parshall. Drilling and interest east of Highway 37 is not as active. Go to the Northern Oil and Gas website and check their map of drilling activity in Mountail County, specifically Township 151 N-90 W-S24. I may know other mineral owners nearby. Royalty should read at least 15%, length of lease preferably 3 years but 5 would be maximum. Also a statement that we do not share in the cost of exploration, drilling, production, transpotation etc.

Do you plan on contacting Steven? What is the website for Northern Oil and Gas? I've been told by a couple of other companies that we are at the edge of the Bakken, do you belive that to be true? Therefore, they don't think we are worth as much as say section 10 in the same area. What are your thoughts?

In time I may contact Steven. I am very familier with the Parshall, ND area having worked there and in Watford City, ND as a surveyor on a seismograph crew, many, many years ago. My wife is from there and her brother still farms south of Parshall. Just Google Northern Oil and Gas and click the map on the right for a more detailed acrage map of past dilling activity. It is hard to say if we are on the edge of the Bakken, but it is true we are on the edge of drilling so far. Like I said before, east of Hwy 37 the activity is much less to nothing. What the future holds is any bodys guess.

Folks, I have no idea how much interest there is in leasing your township, nor what lease bonus amount you might expect. Yet on the royalty, at minimum ask for at least 18.75% (3/16th), with 20% royalty being a real possibility. If your minerals were way out on the fringe then you might expect a lower royalty. Yet you are close in enough to secure either of those rates above. Good luck.

Sigrid Weber, what is your email address? Mine is (EDITED - USE the Private Messaging system for contact information)

I need to share some information with you of mutual interest.

Can anyone provide me with the name of an attorney that specializes in mineral rights especially for Montrail County? My father recently died and has left our family several deeds that we need to validate. Thanks for your help!

For Bob P, You might try Schulte & Engets Law office in Stanley, it's the county seat of Mountrail, I know they are doing a lot of oil work also have used them for 30 yrs, always treated me good, hope this helps, sorry to hear of your loss, God Bless, Sy

Hey Y'all

Anyone know if Vecta Oil is drilling in Banner twnshp, they were suppose to start a site just south about one quarter south of my minerals, so far they are offering nothing in my area, doesn't make sense, the bakken is suppose to continue on for another 40 miles or so east and I'm in the middle, hmmmm. Also caught word down here in Mercer county, that the Obama administration is trying to shut down the fracking, I've heard from several truck drivers now they're jobs are up in the air, supposed cause of earth quakes, seems to be a real concern with many who I've talked with who have come here for work and now have no gurrentee of a job, that's the word...

Hello, Mr. Vetter,

If you go to the North Dakota Oil and Gas Conservation Commision website, you'll see thay have a listing of wells that are in Confidential Status. If you scroll down the list carefully, you'll find that Vecta Oil and Gas is currently working in Section 26 of Township 151N 89W in Mountrail County. It says that the Confidential Status should be lifted by early May. After they lift it, you should then be able to see any positive or negative results reached by Vecta, which should be posted on The Daily Activity Log of the Commision's website. Of course, I'm hoping they have promising results because I too have a royalty interest there in Section 16 which is just north and west of there. This Confidentiality agreement is the reason that nothing has been heard from out of that area for so long. I'm sure that if Vecta does get good commercial scale results from their work, EOG, who is the dominant operator in the area, will find that of great interest, and we all should start hearing of more activity in that Township and Range. I know EOG is currently operating right next store in Range 90W of 151N, so I've got my fingers crossed that we all should be hearing something pretty soon.


Ron Dilks

Thank you Mr. Dilks for your help and info, God Willing they ( Vecta ) will do very well and maybe so will we. EOG got us real cheap last time...Sy

Are spacing units for pooling royalty payments in Township 151 N 89 W, one or two sections? I have mineral rights in Section 28.

Hello, Mr. Lujon,

I'm not sure of what formula for pooling would be used in 151N 89W of Mountrail County. Since it is all under Confidentiality Status, nobody knows until the status is lifted.


Ron Dilks

Mr. Lujon, Parshall field is mostly 640, east of Parshall field appears to be 5 or 6 miles of unspaced sections and east of that the state seems to have made all 1280 spacings. I think the state left the 5 to 6 miles east of Parshall field unspaced to allow operators the greatest possible latitude.

This is True, since I last looked our area was still not plotted out, everything to the east toward minot and max, all plotted out. Just one 1280 just south of me was the Andes well, not sure what Vecta did for theirs.