Mountaineer Natural Resources, LLC

Saw a Facebook post from the Mountaineer Xpress page that read the following:

"Warning. Folks in central WV are receiving letters from a Ohio company currently buying “surface Rights and Real Estate in WV". The company is called Mountaineer Natural Resources LLC; 304 588 9337; contact was Zach Kilgus. Some research finds that this is affiliated with a multi-national corporation...Mercy Economic Development International Corp, Akron. There are several concerns, including that purchasers may be seeking sites for depositing drill wastes."

Can anyone confirm the accuracy or have had dealings with this company?


I receive letters from "Zach Kilgus" on a weekly basis, wanting to buy my minerals, usually at a ridiculous price. I have requested "Do Not Contact", but the mailings keep flowing.

ONLY A Gut Feeling... My Personal Opinion... Zach should be avoided