Mount Scott 1207 4-9-1WH Need help, Please?

My mother passed away and I am her executor. My brother “found” some old mail he had taken with him and gave it to me. There is a division order dated 2/1/2021 that was sent out asking her to sign and return it. It is, of course, now almost July. This says she has a decimal interest of 0.00002036 and a Royalty Interest. There is nothing about a lease and I was unaware she had mineral rights on the only property she owned in the area. Could anyone explain what this means and what I should do? I honestly don’t know how it works. I have a small holding in Washita Co., but it was leased years ago and they produce a tiny bit to keep it tied up.

Condolences to you and your family.

Mount Scott 1207 4-9 1WXH was drilled from a surface location in sec 3-12N-7W. It was completed on March 10, 2020 and first sales were 4/1/20. Camino Natural Resources is the operator. Your mother probably had mineral rights in either section 4 or section 9 or both. If you cannot find a lease, then your mom was probably “force pooled” and she was assigned a royalty and bonus if she did not answer the pooling in the required 20 days. There have been several poolings in the last couple of years. You need to contact Camino and ask for the Division Order department. They may have funds held in suspense. You will probably have to finish the estate probate before they will release any funds to the heirs.

The Division Order is contract to pay the royalties, but they are supposed to go to the proper heirs. The decimal interest that you posted is based upon a set formula.

Net acres/actual spaced acres x royalty x percentage of perforations in your section.

Thank you so much! I will try to contact them as soon as possible.

Assuming this is in Canadian county, you can search here: A login may be required.
If your probate was in Oklahoma, have your attorney include it as after discovered property. If the probate was in another state, then you will need to have it probated in Oklahoma. Also it is not a bad idea to check unclaimed property in Oklahoma and your mother’s home state.

Even if you do not find a copy of a lease in your mother’s effects, there could still be one. It would be on file at the Washita County courthouse. If there’s been production in the past, the lease may have been executed many years ago

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