Most recent post should be first

The discussions should be posted from most recent first and going back to beginning. Otherwise it is too hard to scroll down. Foir example Fayette Leasing has 300 posts and start in 2012 which is irrelevant.

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Hi @TennisDaze, glad to see you here.

Here’s an alternative. Notice the slider on the right side of a topic. You can grab it and immediately scroll to the bottom. And, you’ll begin to notice that the system will remember how far down the thread you’ve been in the past, and return you to that point the next time you visit that topic.

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I agree.the older format was much easier to view

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Hi @John_Barry . We’re taking in everyone’s comments. I’d just like to make sure you’re seeing and have tried out that vertical scroll mechanism on the right side of all discussions. It’s pretty handy.

Scroll is not easy on a pad where there are hundreds of old comments. Another question, how can I clear out the unread button? It takes me to too many very old posts.

It’s very difficult to read a conversation backward. Once you’ve used this system for a while and can return to each conversation where you left off, I think you’ll find this much more convenient.

Getting to that point will be a bit frustrating, though. I’m sure that there were many things people missed about the horse and buggy when they started riding in cars!

To dismiss unread posts, visit the unread page

So to the bottom and click the disks button.


If you click the indicator that shows where you are in the discussion (with x/y where x is the current message and y is the number of posts) you’ll get a slider that will let you zip to the bottom.

It’s not obvious, but once you’ve seen it work you’ll see the it’s pretty powerful.