More than one lease number for a single API number

Can someone tell me if an oil and gas company can assign more than one lease number to a producing well?

Case in point, when looking PDQ info on RRC site for a particular API number, I noticed when I clicked on one item it had a lease number that was different than the next record on the data query screen for the same well with the same API number.

The major difference was the production numbers for one lease number with the same API number as the next lease showed different production amounts.


They may have sold the well to another producer. If another producer with several other good wells nearby acquired the well then the production numbers would go up. On the TxRRC website production is lumped together by lease, not by individual wells. Not very good for finding out detailed information on individual wells. for that you would need other sources. As far as I know it is the TxRRC that assigns lease numbers. It is not uncommon for later phase producers to be different than the original one

Thanks Andy, but it is all the same producer, operator, etc. The API numbers remained the same but the lease numbers changed the rest of the cast remained the same.

Api numbers and lease numbers are always a bit confusing, except when they are gas wells.

Gas wells are reported on an individual basis and oil wells are reported on a lease (number) basis. When you have an oil field, you might have 10 API numbers but in order to find the lease production, you must use the lease number inquiry funchtion in the production query database. To do otherwise gives inconsistent (read as incorrect) results.

Therefore, a new lease number will be assigned when the (oil) well is completed in a new zone, but stays the same when it is a gas well. In both cases, the API number stays the same.

Does this answer fit your scenario? If not, I have no answer for you.

Thanks for the answer. I have found the lease in question is not only gas, but also on the lease query shows total of bbls of condensate as well…whether the condensate is oil, lighter fluid, etc., it has to be some form of hydrocarbon to be listed on the report if I understood what the woman at the RRC was saying the other day.