More on Australis TMS Inc. petition to MS Oil & Gas Board

These are the articles (see links below) I found regarding Mississippi Oil and Gas Board and Alternate Risk charges. I am totally confused. I don’t understand. The copies of this petition from MS Oil and Gas Board was sent certified, two identical to the trust that has control of the mineral rights and one to each beneficiary who does not control of the mineral rights.

Warning: I’m a novice. However, this may be to prevent what I saw a lot of in West Virginia courthouses: Oil producers would submit only 1 well permit application for “multiple well pads on site”, thereby combining many rigs, pooled owners, well pads, and “branches” of a fracking well lumped together in one application. The courthouse records then can’t be searched by name of minerals or surface owners, but simply say “various and multiple wells from XX Oil Company”. That makes researching what and where they drilled and produced almost impossible. IF this regulation prevents that, it’s a good thing.