More Correct

Which is more correct - give section first and then the block or just the opposite?

Section first and then the Block # is OK but if you have the Abstract it is easier to find minerals acreage on GIS Mapping system. Thanks, Clint Liles

Correction: Abstract number Clint Liles

Thanks Clint. I know I can depend on you for a quick and correct answer. The last time we talked, you

said I kept strange hours. You seem to be doing the same, 12:03; Thursday morning.

Section, township, range in that order

In document for Texas, Section X, Block Y, ABC Survey, name County. Adding Abstract is fine, but should nit be only reference. Also, some sections have more than one abstract number so you need to be careful. If only a part of the section, then specify East One-quarter of South One-quarter (E/4 S/4) or use metes and bounds description.

Thank You. Learning, just asked a royalty owner if we shared the same sight. She replied with a

question asking for the same information you stated.