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I inherited mineral rights in several places (TX, MS, ND, OK that I know of) from my spouse, who inherited the rights from his father, a oil speculator/broker. My spouse passed in 2020. Shortly after his death, a check arrived involving a settlement (class action suit?) over payments for minerals in Coal County. Several months ago, an oil company filed an emergency order for drilling. It was successful. He just received an offer letter for those minerals. I’m completely clueless about all of this. It’s sections 11, 14 23-02N-11E.

It was suggested that I file a copy of his probate with Coal County, but my relationship with the probate attorney had already concluded at that time.


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It will depend on which state the Probate was done in. If in Oklahoma, you should obtain a certified copy of the Probate Order and file against all of the properties he owned in in Oklahoma, more specifically in the County Clerk’s office.

It is always advised to understand what you own before you entertain offers to sell and that is for numerous reasons.

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Probate was in Texas.

You will need to file a foreign probate in OK and have it filed in every county where there are minerals (do the same thing in the other states). The operator of the well is Trinity Operating (USG) LLC. 1717 S Boulder Ave Ste 201, Tulsa, OK 74119-4842. The well is the Glenn 1-11/14/23H. There is also another You need to contact their division order department and ask what they need in order to get the well into pay status under your name. They will likely require the probated in OK copy of the will, death certificate and perhaps driver’s license, etc.

The well extends over three sections, Not sure which one you are in, but each of those sections has a previous horizontal well, so you would want to get the royalties from the well from your section also turned over to you.

You will need an attorney licensed in each state to help you file properly. It does not have to cost very much. It is important to get this last detail from probate finished as you may have royalties in each state. Also check the unclaimed funds at the treasurer’s office in Texas first and the other states, just to make sure something is not lost.

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Generally you can accomplish a probate in Oklahoma without the need to travel. You would need an exemplified copy of the probate orders in Texas. Your former attorney should be able to assist you with that portion.

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