More activity in Iceman Unit Section 14; Block 5?

As far as I know, there are five wells drilled in the Iceman Unit, Section 14, Block 5. I spoke to COG several weeks ago and was told that these five share two pads and all were going to b fracked beginning April 10. Division orders would b expected in August and checks about November. Now I have information that looks like they are drilling again and not fracking. Can someone tell me if there are more wells permitted? If so, it looks like these dates will be moved out once more....

RRC shows COG has permits for five wells in the Iceman Unit. The last two were approved last November.

COG didn't file a completion report on the first well (1401H) until November but it looks like production started from it last September. Through February RRC shows total of 195,000 barrels of oil and 454,000 MCF of gas produced. If you are in that unit seems like you should be receiving checks by now.

RRC doesn't show completion reports or pending production numbers for the other four permits. Maybe somebody with a subscription to DI can tell you their status.

Thanks for the information, Dusty! If there was a completion report, shouldn’t I have received a division order? I guess I just don’t quite know how this works!

I’m terribly embarrassed! We are in the Hollywood Unit, Not the Iceman Unit! Just got out of the hospital...should have been to check my brain instead of the ALS!

No problem. At this point only five wells have been permitted in the Hollywood unit. The last two were approved in November.

Four of the permits are showing spud dates, but it's confusing because on two of those permits two different dates are shown. The well numbers and spud dates RRC is showing are: #1404 (6/17/17 and 2/16/18), #1405 (6/17/7 and 9/25/17), #1406 (9/4/17), and #1454 (1/5/18). No spud date shown for #1455.

RRC isn't showing completion reports or any pending production volumes filed for any of those wells, so your idea that COG may be waiting to frack all of them at the same time might be right.

Could the new activity you got information on be COG drilling well #1455? If it was then it seems possible fracking could still start this month.

You need a report from someone who drives by those two pads.

Heard from COG today that they are completing drilling on 1454H and 1403H. They acknowledge the permit for 1455H, but no information given. When she says they are completing drilling, I wonder if she means fracking?

According to RRC permit records well number 1403H that you mentioned is in the Iceman unit, not the Hollywood.

Since the spud date RRC shows for Iceman 1403H is 1/12/18 and the spud shown for Hollywood 1454 H is 1/5/18 it seems like just drilling operations should have been completed on both of those wells a month or more ago. The map shows those two units are side by side and the two drill pads COG is using in each one are only 1200' apart, so it's logical the wells in both units are being worked on at the same time.

No way to know if your contact at COG meant they are finishing drilling or fracking them. At least you've got someone there who will respond to you. Lots of operators won't. In any case it looks like the Hollywood unit is moving toward having a lot of production in the near future.

If there is anybody on here close to County Road 115 and 118 they'd probably be able to tell you if drilling rigs are still there, or the rigs are down and they now see a big frack spread there that would probably include a crane, temporary production tankage, tower vessels for all the sand and lots of trucks with pumping units.


I have checked on all 5 wells & there are currently no completion reports. Also there are no completion reports found in the Rail Road Commission's completion query. So I would assume none of the 5 wells are completed yet.

There are currently two rigs in the area (Map attached). One on the Hollywood 1454H which is the well that COG told you they were finishing drilling and from the spud dates I have that sounds accurate. The other is the Iceman 1452 to the east.

From the wells surface hole location (also what you mentioned about 2 pads) and spud dates, it looks like they have drilled the 1405H, 1406H, & 1455H on the first pad and are currently finishing the 1404H & 1454H second pad. I do not know the average time it take COG to come back and frac the wells but I would assume it will be soon and they will hit all three wells on the first pad then move to the second and do the final 2.

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Spivey, wondered if you have an idea why RRC is showing two different spud dates on two of the permits in COG Hollywood unit (1404H & 1405H)?

Since they are pad drilling (Multiple wells on the same pad) they sometimes use a smaller rig (called a spudder rig) to drill out some of the vertical and set surface casing then have a big rig trailing at a later date. Saw that a lot in the Bakken to increase drilling efficiency.

EX: Last part of slide 22

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Thanks Spivey and Dusty for taking the time to help me. I do really appreciate it. Makes better sense now.

Thanks for sharing that presentation. All very interesting.

COG seems to be a lot better about reporting spud dates to RRC than most operators so maybe they are reporting when a spudder rig starts but having lag time before their deep rig moves in.

If that information you posted on their well 1454 H says it is still drilling and that permit shows the spud date was 1/5/18 that would say there could have been two or three months between the two rigs starting on their share of drilling, and if that's also why RRC is showing the two sets of spud dates on the permits for 1404H and 1405H that means the time between the two rigs starting on those wells was 3 months on one and 8 months for the other one.