Monthly Production Reports

Where would I research Monthly Production Reports for Harper County, Oklahoma wells? Appreciate any help. Thanks!

Okla Tax Comm. if you have an interest in the well,or a for fee service. What section, township,and range do you want to know about?

I'm trying to learn how to monitor our leased properties. I'm starting with Section 14 26N 24W, Harper County. Thanks!

You can drill down (pun intended) to find production and other documents. They are very slow to update their information.

It looks like there are seven producing wells in 14 . Okla tax comm. for monthly production for that many wells.

Thank You. I have been on OCC and yes, they are slow on updating and often the production numbers don't match the check stubs. Hopefully I will have more luck with the Oklahma Tax commission website. Ron, I played around a bit and actually registered but don't see where there are any fees and haven't had any luck in finding production reports. What kind of fees are involved in having access?

I talked to them on the phone and it did not sound like it cost that much. They compile the information and send it to you is what I understand .

Thanks so much for the information Ron. I really appreciate your time.

Thanks Ron!