Montclair Energy, LLC

Montclair operates a number of Hunton horizontal wells drilled on 640 acre spacing, located in Sections 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16 and 17, T13N-R5E. (And maybe another section or two.) The wells/pooled units are just north and east of Sparks.

My family has experienced some extreme difficulties dealing with Montclair as mineral owners. It is my understanding some surface owners have also encountered problems with Montclair.

Any other Montclair impressions, good or bad?

I have No Dealing with the company in mention, but I have many challenges in getting Energy companies to cooperate with anybody especially royalty owners or Surface owners. I urge your family to see if the units are

producing, sometimes they will be making gas or oil and not paying the royalties owners. Good luck, when prices are flat it very challenging to get them to do the Right thing with any Parties.. Good luck.

This website shows Spaeth Inc is AKA Montclair Energy LLC.

Thank you for the link, but I'd be very surprised if there is a connection. Montclair and their principals are out of Birmingham, Alabama, although Montclair has an Edmond office. The principals formerly owned a position in Altex. Spaeth Inc. doesn't fit the pattern.

Montclair Energy LLC has records with OCC,

191-RadGridExport.xls (10.4 KB)

Kedash, the Birmingham Montclair Energy list as a security broker/dealer as in stocks, bonds, etc.

"This profile for Montclair Energy, LLC is located in Birmingham, AL. Montclair Energy, LLC industry is listed as Security Broker/Dealer."


Check out Spaeth Inc is AKA Montclair Energy LLC in Edmond, OK because I know a plumbing company that formed an oil and gas business but they were not good and went bankrupt.

Yes, that is the company I'm dealing with. Looks like the two principles are William "Chip" Hazelrig and Fred Wedell. Chip is out of Birmingham; not certain about Fred.

Finding the company hasn't been my problem. Getting fair treatment has been a real issue.

I am curious what type of experiences, if any, other board member had with Montclair.

That is good Montclair well summary. Thank you.

The wells I am concerned with are among the cited horizontal wells, all north and east of Sparks.

If you go to the occ web site under oil and gas database and type the section township and

range you should be able to find the information.

Thank you. I've combed though the OCC site and identified all pertinent wells and calculated the correct decimal interest. I've collected production and revenue data for the respective PUNs thru the OTC. Problem has been getting Montclair to pay.

That may take a lawyer, You need to call the Bristow office and talk to DM. He can maybe help you with that Issue. FYi It took 3 and half years to get a company to

plug a well and clean up the site. It very challenging .