Montana Minerals

Anyone have any input into Montana inheritance?

Three surviving heirs (Jean, Dan and Beverly) named in court case to disperse producing mineral interest, are nieces and nephew of two deceased Great Aunts, no other survivors. Jean was a only child and cousin to Dan (my dad) and Beverly , who are brother and sister. Fidelity has them receiving equal 7.44% from court case. Should it not be 11.16% to Jean Carter , 5.58% to Dan and 5.58% to Beverly? Thanks for the help.

So, there are no educated people willing to help me out with your opinion? Minerals and court case both in Montana.

No one can answer a legal question without reading all of the related documents, including any wills, probate records, court rulings, etc, and knowing state law in state where minerals are located and state of residency of deceased and even perhaps where court is located.. It all depends on the exact wording in each and every related document. You should consult an estates attorney.

Court has given these three all minerals, just looking to see how they should be distributed by gas company. One title opinion has put the mineral distribution as 50%, 25% and 25% which is not how fidelity treated this case! OPINION please. Yes, each state is different in law.

Thanks Tennis

And educated Texans are smart enough to not comment on Montana laws of succession. Try researching Montana’s succession rules. Must be somewhere. Google it

Thanks James and by the way, my Great Grandfather was from Texas! I do somewhat know Texas law as i brokered a deal for a lease in Johnson County. Almost got took if i had not questioned the findings on this lease! It pays to not take an offer to lease as being correct, look it over with a fine tooth comb! Lease is one thing, but the landman who you are dealing with is the one who determines who get's what, and don't think he always gets it right. You have a right to look at landman's finding, but in my case that was years ago and landman is unknown.