Montana and Wyoming Ancilliary process

We have probated my Mother's will in Texas and Oklahoma. My sisters and I have inherited all mineral rights that Mom had and we have created an LLC to keep the royalties and leases together. This was done by conveyances. We have two small royalty interests in Montana and Wyoming. I can contact the operator (one is in bankruptcy) and get the name changed there. What else should I do in those states as the leases state we will have interest in any new wells in the lease boundaries.

Thank you.


You all get 5 stars in my book for your protection of the mineral estate. Many on this forum should follow your example.

If Wy and MT are merely royalty interests, send notification by registered mail RRR to the operators of the change. Request a new division order in the name of the LLC.

If the RI represent actual mineral ownership that was leased make a conveyance of the mineral land from the owner of record to the LLC and and attach the appropriate probate decree as recorded. The county recorders may approve. if not they will tell you what to do. Hopefully the county will accept the out of state probate decrees. I've found some counties in Wyoming to be cooperative. MT can be a little weird at times.

I'm in Castle Rock so contact me if you like and I will give you the mane of a Wyoming title landman who is awesome at what he does. He works in all Wyoming Counties and may be able to get the name of the LLC where it has continuity in the quarter sections of interest.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Management

Gary, once again, is absolutely right.

What do you have in Texas?

Dimmit, Ward, Pecos, Wheeler for mineral leases.