Montague County TX

Does anyone know of someone leasing in Montague County TX (Giles Lamascus Sur., A-914 & Jule R. Janis Sur., A-1646) besides BRIMM Oil & Gas Co. or landman Creed Operation Co. & Affiliates?

EOG Resources and Pioneer are two of the bigger companies leasing and drilling here.

Depends on how much acreage - how large a tract are you talking about?


There are several companies leasing the area including:

1st Southwest Consultants

Arapaho Resources LLC

Bra-De Oil & Gas

ICAP Resources

However the only company that has filed permits in the past year is EOG.

Not sure if this helps...


I see permits in the last year from EOG, WBH, Pioneer, Braden(now Enervest), Newark, Canan just for the horizontal Barnett Shale drilling.


Lance Brashear

Thanks to all who responded. What's the bonus being paid?

eog near dye mound they have drilled 9 wells in the past 8 mo. for us