Montague County TX near Bowie?

Our family has been contacted by a landman with EOG.
We own the Mineral rights (not surface owners) to 110-190 acres near Bowie. He says they want to “put a rig on it within 3 weeks”. They are trying to get the paper work together to send over next week for leasing. He said it was for oil and gas. What is the going rate around there? Anyone have any info on what’s going on in that area? Is it more when they put a rig on top of it? How much of 190 (mineral acres) would actually be leased or how does that affect it? I know those are a lot of questions but ANY info would be helpful! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Anyone? Is this thing on?

John, I also have some minerals near Bowie. Have you been presented the lease yet? I’m also aware that Pioneer Resources is active in this area.

we have been offered $600/acre and 3/16 royalty

I have 19 net acres out of about 120, two miles nw of Bowie, are they still offering 600 to lease with 3/16th ? , also, what are they offering to actually purchase the minerals. ? $ 1000 a net mineral / more ?

Jo Saban said:

we have been offered $600/acre and 3/16 royalty