Montague County leasing

A year ago a representative of Tomahawk oil named Joshua Furrah got in touch with us about some mineral rights on a farm that had been owed by my Grandmother, Ora Lemon , and now are mine and my family’s. I contacted Buddy Cotten to negotiate for us as I do not have the most current knowledge of contracts and leases. Mr . Cotten did his best but both the contract and the offer were not good and Mr. Furrah did not negotiate responsibly. To be clear, he negotiated and then ignored everything that had been discussed and sent over a terribly bad contract etc.

Mr Furrah began contacting us again right before Christmas and was so persistent that we asked Buddy to get in touch with him to see what the situation was. The company is wanting to do some horizontal wells and Mr. Furrah felt sure he could work with us. Unfortunately, he did not want to acknowledge that we had negotiated before . He tried to pressure ourselves and Buddy.

Although we are always open to leasing, we do not like these kind of tactics and my family will not starve if it does not lease. So we are not going to put ourselves or Buddy through the frustration of trying to deal with someone who just wants a bargain and thinks that anyone not in Texas can be steamrolled.

Thoght I would pass this along in case Mr Furrah contacts another Montague owner.

Thanks for the warning. What part of Montague County are you in? I have some minerals on the Wise/Montague County line and was just curious about where the activity is.

I had an old oil man told me that one always has to be aware of of who's catching and who's pitching in a negotiation. The hydrocarbons under your farm have been there for millions upon millions of years and they aren't about to go anywhere. Good luck and thanks for the info.

Kathryn, thank you for the information. Buddy Cotten is well known and well respected and news travels quickly.

Our piec is within 15 minutes of Nocona. Hope you get something good!

thanks for the information. We'll put them on our WARNING list.