Mobile Device App

All, With the new site, there is a free mobile App that goes along with it.

Go to your App Store and search for “Discourse App” and download it to your device. Enter your access credentials (same as the regular site), authorize your device, then you’re in. It’s quite handy, and makes your interaction on mobile even more pleasant.

The name of the software platform that the new MRF is built upon is called Discourse. It’s logo looks like this:

Kenny, I’m excited about the mobile app as I rarely use my computer any more. I only use it for ME and RRC! Thanks, guys! Linton

That was supposed to say MRF, not “ME”. Now if you could just deal with my autocorrect…

Great! Thanks, Kenny, I’m going to check out the mobile app today. Linton

I screwed up because I put in the old site address. After I added “” it worked beautifully. Thanks! Linton

@Linton_Tomlin :grinning: I’m happy to hear that you like the mobil APP. I too am excited about this. Please help me spread the word to others. Today, you’ll notice some of our trusted members signing onto this Testing Site to poke around. Chat it up with them, getting familiar with all the new dodads ! (That’s an old school word)

Also, practice doing things you like to do on the site… inserting images, icons, etc.

@Linton_Tomlin yes, you have to insert the word “testing” at the beginning of the URL

Test post from Discourse Application.

Test picture upload from Discourse app


@Rick_Howell great pic.

That was in NE Stephens Co, OK about 3 years ago when they were drilling the additional “Poteet” wells.