Mitchell County Leases

It’s been a long time since I have been on this site, I was just wondering what is happening in Mitchell as far as any new leasing etc.

Thank you


Pretty quiet since the Cline Shale craze quieted down.

You might try a search in the upper right hand corner for the threads on the online services that allow you to check or follow leasing activity.

We had a lease on our farm land back in 2012 in Section 32 / Blk 24 & Sections 35,37 / Blk 25. This is just north of Loraine / I-20 off Narrel Rd. The 3yr lease was not re-newed. There was one well drilled in the area; but never saw production; so it was capped off. I think this was with Laredo Petroleum. I have not seen or heard of any new leases in Mitchell county since then.