Mississippi Gas Unit Section 12/A-607/Survey: SP RR CO

I saw a post about this property from September of 2020, however I am unable to reply to it. We were contacted about selling our mineral interest in this property and were told there were no current drilling interests or permits. I believe this to be untrue after seeing the post and comment from Clint Liles. Any information on this Survery: 607 SP RR CO/Gran,LLC would be greatly appreciated.

I did not see any new permits for this section, but the existing well that is in this section (API-42-405-30660) appears to be very productive. This well is shown on the map in the Sept. 2020 post.


BP America/Mississippi Gas Unit/Well #1H/API 405-30660/Lease #287352.

Total gas production from February 2013 thru December 2020= 4,038,849,000 cubic feet of gas

Link to Production Data: http://webapps2.rrc.texas.gov/EWA/specificLeaseQueryAction.do?tab=init&viewType=prodAndTotalDisp&methodToCall=fromGisViewer&pdqSearchArgs.paramValue=

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