Missing transfers and information from Hunt Oil Company

Till spring 2020, I got my royalty income paid to me by checks from Hunt Oil Company. I June last year, they started to wire me my royalties electronically to may home bank in Norway, Europe, because it’s not possible to cash checks in my country anymore. But after June 30 2020, I haven’t got any transfers from them. I have e-mailed them four times this year, but they haven’t bothered to reply my e-mails.

Are there anyone on this forum that have had poor experiences with this company? Can anyone tell me how i can make them at least reply my e-mails and start wiring me again?

Bjorn, I have had fairly good experience with Hunt Oil.
Is it possible your well had reduced production and just didn’t meet the minimum division order payment? Spring of 2020 was not a good time for many wells with covid and the deep freeze. Have you tried contacting them via EnergyLink? It is still possible that the well was transferred to another operator.

Peter, thanks a lot for your reply! I certainly will try to contact them via EnergyLink. Yes, I know that spring of 2020 wasn’t very good. I got the last wire transfer late June 2020, and that transfer was for the first half of 2020. About transferring the well to another operator: Can Hunt Oil do that without informing me and without my and the co-owner’s consent? I ask because I don’t know about this.

Yes, unless your lease has a provision requiring prior approval of assignments your lease, and the wells producing under it, could be assigned from one operator to another without royalty owners being informed. Not saying that’s what has caused your problem but it’s possible.

If you would like to post the location and name of the well you had been receiving royalties from I expect someone on the forum could check production from it during the past year and possibly tell if there had been a change in operator.

Whoops…I did mean a 1042, I think the IRS form is a W-8…sorry I forget as taxes are not by area right now.

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