Missing Royalty Money Company Closed

Hello my mother died years ago and had no will. I am her only child thus her only heir I never filed got around to filing a probate to get royalties in my name. The company was holding her money then sold the gas royalties to another company a few years ago but that company never had anything to do with all the back money that previous company held of my mothers. Now that company in Kansas is closed and I don’t know where I would find the money that they were holding of hers. I don’t know if there is a place in Kansas that I could call. The land is in Colorado. I have looked on the Colorado unclaimed money site with no luck. I would love any feedback. Thank you

Check unclaimed property for the state the wells were in.

Also check unclaimed property for the state where she lived.

Sorry I ment the other state the company was in or the state your mother died in. Usually unclaimed property is sent to the states treasury that the person was living in when the funds were being sent to her.

Never have I found unclaimed funds in Oklahoma even though the wells are located in Oklahoma. Over the past 25 years I have found funds being held in the states where the oil or gas companies are headquartered. Last year I even received a notice from the state treasurer of the state in which I reside advising me that funds were about to be turned in from Colorado, if I did not contact the oil company in Denver within a certain amount of time. Also, there are often misspellings of names in various states’ unclaimed money websites. If you look at one of the missing money websites online and enter your relative’s name, if there is money being held in that name it will advise you the state where it is being held. One such website is missingmoney.com

Thank you for taking time to read my problem and lend your advice.

Thank you for taking time to read my problem. I will check out those sites I have checked the colorado site but not the Kansas site.

Also look in Delaware as many companies are domiciled there.

Thank you for taking time to respond

Look in the state she lived in when she passed. My grandfather had oil royalties in Illinois but lived in Texas when he died. I found the unclaimed money in state of Texas.