Missing info from court papers

Question: I have received paperwork from a court case involving myself and Antero. However I have managed to misplace said paperwork.

I need to find out if in fact Antero has deposited money in my name with the "Doddridge Court" as part of a settlement agreement.

The way the paperwork read the main item of concern involved other parties in the contract. But there was a line indicating that I would have to send my "command" to release the funds to (someone) at the (room, location) courthouse.

Since the notice was written is a vague form I was thinking I would receive formal notice and I would act on the information included with that notice. Nothing has come my way in the last month.

Does anyone know the standard procedure through which I can claim the money due me?

(It's been a tough last two months as no longer did I wrap up the WV case in which I am a part I was notified that I am involved in two cases here at home. On top of that I am having to take measures against the local VA. Whom ever claimed that retirement meant I could do whatever I wanted must have been joking!) rcr 2/24/2017