Missing Heirs Petition filed with courts by Gas Co

I have just discovered that there was a Missing Heirs Petition filed (civil action No 14-c-10) in the circuit court of Ritchie Co WV back in 2014 on 2 tracks of land in Clay District, Ritchie Co WV (73 acres). http://www.ritchiecountywv.com/

instrument# 201400001864

I am not sure if it is for the land itself, or just the mineral rights to this land). I am a relative of one of the missing heirs listed for Virginia Strosnider.

I reside in Illinois and was unaware until recently that I was an heir to the mineral rights on some property in WV. From what I can find on the internet it indicates a special commission (appointed by the court) signs the lease on behalf of the missing heirs.

From reading this on line, it appears the heirs have 7 years to appear and claim ownership. Can anyone advise me who to contact on this or how to proceed. This petition was filed by Antero Resources, I have called their land management office 3 times over the past month and left a message to contact me about this. Apparently this is not the route I need to go, since no one has contacted me back about this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Ritchie County Court link

You could try contacting the clerk of court and asking if there is a procedure.

Ok. thanks

Hello Elizabeth,

You might talk to Mike Eddy, landman for EQT Corporation who handled my leasing arrangement. His phone is 304-622-4184. His E-mail is meddyeqt3@gmail.com.

We are related. My wife Joan's mother was your aunt Jessie's daughter. She corresponded with your sister Janis for many years.

We are both heirs to mineral rights to 160 acres that lie about a mile east of the town of Pennesboro. The acerage lies north of Old US 50 (Northwest Pike) and is northwest of the intersection of that highway and the North Fork of the Hughes River.

William Anikouchine

Gee, I am not the only one that the reps for Antero resources will not respond to? I am mixed up with a Clay District contract identified by 3-9-6 and 3-9-7. Didn't know I was involved inheritance-wise, told to contact a certain party representing Antero by Feb. 6. Place thee calls before that date, no reply. Place another call Mar. 4, no reply. Sent letters and e-mails to their lawyer, no reply. This is really interesting as the corporation has claimed that "they did everything they" could in regards settling to a contract in neighboring Doddridge County (which amounts to, "Sign the lease or we will take you to court and ask the judge to force you to sale the property".) I have sent letters to the lawyer with Steptoe & Johnson representing ARC in Ritchie and have yet to hear from him. Let's face it, ARC does not really care about working out problems with their contracts. They know they can take the owner to court and under WV law they can take away the private owners rights. RCR 3.24/2017

Roger, here is a phone number for Antero in Denver Colorado.

303 357-7310

You might get somebody to talk with you thee.