Missing heirs- advised probably unable to drill

I am one of about 16 heirs on three parcels of mineral rights. We are missing at least 6 people off the list some since 1937. Some other members have not signed on. An oilman advised that there may not be any drilling (thus any royalties) in the near future and probably not for a while if the heir issue has to be dealt with in court. I'm thinking of selling my share of at least one parcel. Can anyone tell me a ball park figure that might be market value per acre? I have a 37, 43 and 175 acre parcels. two are recently leased (2011 and 2013) and the third is under an old lease with a shallow well that nobody seems interested in now.

I need funds now and my situation sounds so depressing as far as getting any drilling done, I just as soon, do something that will get results now.


I just sent a friend request to discuss your minerals.