Missed royalty payments (Oklahoma)

I noticed a new well on this months check and after checking the 1002A found it came online in Dec 2014. I purchased this mineral interest with an effective date as of April 1, 2015. The Operator and both purchasers were notified in April of the change of ownership. When I inquired from the oil purchaser were the missing payments were from April/May/June/July/August her response was "We were provided a supplemental opinion in October by the operator reflecting the change in ownership. Any adjustments prior to Sept 1 2015 need to be made between the parties involved." The previous owner was the FDIC!

Is this this kind of crap most of you face or is this just my luck? Sounds like the purchaser who paid the wrong owner does not want to take any action.. Thanks

Who is the operator and purchaser and the well location?

Also, I would search the Oklahoma Unclaimed Property website.

I sent you a friendship request.

The problem is they paid the royalties to the previous owner. It isn't at unclaimed property. Thank you.