Misery Pad off of Knights Fork, Michelle Uhit 1h Arthur Unit 1H

Does anyone have any info on the drilling status of Misery pad Arthur Unit 1H or Michelle Unit 1H? According to Antero it was supposed to be drilled starting Jan 2016 but with the downturn in gas prices it probably has been postponed. Any updates would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Brad, both well's were permitted in Jan of 2014, and I believe that both have been drilled. I have several wells that have been drilled for at least a year but no D.O. as yet. You are right pricing is the key, but they should let us know some kind of status.

Arnold, thanks for the reply!
Agreed, status updates would be nice. I’m in no hurry for them to bring the wells online now anyway, I’d rather they wait til the gas prices go back up, (which they inevitably will someday).