Miracle Max A&B Division Orders

Has anyone received a Division Order from SM Energy for the Miracle Max A&B leases in Howard County? I was on that location in June of 2018 and the wells were producing but I have yet to get a Division Order from SM Energy and just wanted to see what everyone else’s experience was.

I’m not a Miracle Max well owner but I am an owner of a nearby well - Fezzik B - also through SM Energy.

I’ve had to work very hard to receive payments on the well and my division order is still not correct. I can’t help you with that part but I can give you the name and contact information for the person you need to lean on. Hopefully this can help you avoid the corporate labyrinth I’ve had to deal with for the past year.

Geoffrey Johnson, Division Order Analyst SM Energy telephone: 303 839-3326 email: gjohnson@sm-energy.com

Call and email him over and over and over… The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Phyliss E.

Much appreciated Phyliss!!

Hi my name is Danny Carter and I am one of two sons of Clara Griffin Carter. I currently own part interest in the same wells that I believe you are referring to. Concerning the division orders I am interested in speaking to you concerning problems you had with your division orders. If you would like to contact me my email address is Danny Carter 2003@yahoo.com.

We had some curative work on our title and got all that done since October of 2018 and have heard nothing since then. We are poking them this week to see what gives. The wells are producing.

Hi Danny

I just emailed you via my personal email.


james_h_davis would you let me know what you hear, if you hear back?

Just saw your note. I’m getting paid on those properties. Was not a problem getting started. I’ve had no real contact with SM thus far, and haven’t needed any.