Minerals rights

I have paper work on oil and gas leases my father owns in Oklahoma and

New Mexico. How do i find up to date info on leases, whether they are

producing or not. Im new at this.

What Counties in Oklahoma? What are the legal descriptions?

Hi, Wendell! Welcome to The Forum.

I take it you mean that your Father owns mineral or royalty rights. If he owned leases, he'd be in the Oil and Gas Industry, drilling wells.

First thing to do is to see what, if anything, is going on on the lands or including the lands. If you will post the legal descriptions for each of the properties and we'll take a look at the maps and have a looksee

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

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Let me get papers together and ill scan them for you.

Understood, he owns mineral rights according to papers.

Let me get papers together and ill scan them for you.

If you would prefer to send them more privately, click on my name where is appears in blue and invite me to become A Friend on The Forum. You can send them that way instead of here on the General Forum Page.

If he is or has ever received any royalties from the properties, you might want to send copies of those as well.

Ok, will do.


Hi Wendell,

i have luck searching the New Mexico database for New Mexico minerals. Here's a link where you can search for production, drilling, etc.


Hi again Wendell,

Here is a link to search for Oklahoma mineral production:



Thanks so much!