Minerals Offers

Has anyone here heard about people sending a minerals offer in section 5/8S-3E in Love? My family had received offers from several companies, but waited to sell for a higher price. I havent heard anything in a while. Is any one getting offers still? I think I should have sold when prices were higher Thx

Jim, it looks like Trailhead Exploration and XTO are battling for Operator-ship of the section with the OCC. You can probably expect more lease/purchase offers in the future, but I wouldn’t get my expectations too high in this market. Are you subject to any existing OGL holding your acreage?

Iam leased thru xto. But recieved option letter from trailhead. Section 7 - 8 south range 3 east. Was wondering how that works when they battle

Mr Hitt, depending on what was actually stated in the letter, Trailhead might be wanting to lease your minerals in 2021 when your OGL expires from Mr. Thompson. Again, not sure what was in the letter, but it looks like this OCC wont be settled anytime soon, and even if it does, the operator will have 1 year to commence operations per the order. Hope this helps!

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Okay. Mr Thompson was my grandpa. Before he passed he signed his mineral to 5 of us kids all equal shares in 40 acres. I talked to Rd Williams weeks ago. They stated to not pay any attention to anything but xto paperwork. I recieved a letter in the mail yesterday to buy my minerals for 6,000 and acre. Which tells there is interest in my familys minerals. Which is good

who was bidding you $6,000 / acre?

My family received a new offer from Trailhead much lower than 6,000 a acre. I would like to know who would buy for 6000 today if you can say who they are

All minerals are NOT created equal. Mostly depends on location, royalty percentage and to some extent, the potential operator of any wells drilled. But, location is the most important.

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I sold some of the minerals I owned for $4,500 an acre. I never could find anyone to go to 6K, but i have some left incase the price ever gets that high. Hopefully this helps others know what is being paid

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