Minerals increase significantly in value

Well all mineral rights owners should consider the large increase in value of these minerals due solely to the increased production amount of barrels per day. For what use to be a 100 BPD wells are now from 1000 to 4600 BPD as well the multiple wells that they are now drilling up to 32 wells per section. So if you consider that just a year or so ago they were paying $1000/ nma with a 1/4 RI. for just a single well per section you now should get 32 times that. So the lease amount for today's minerals should be times the number of wells they drill on that section. So if $1000/ nma for one it should be $32000/ nma for 32 wells. So given all of this our minerals value has increased very significantly and all should consider this before leasing their minerals. If we all stick to our guns here we will all profit and get a fair amount for our minerals once and for all. For the profits of the oil companies will increase very significantly as well, like billions more maybe even trillions. So let's get our fair share.

How to find number of wells each section?