Minerals in the Permian Basin

My father left some minerals to our family in three different counties in the Permian Basin. Several years ago I hired (and paid) a landman from the San Antonio area to go to the County offices and check on them. He said that they were all sold for unpaid taxes. We had never received any bills for county taxes. A person here in the Houston area in oil and gas recently told me that it sounds a bit fishy to him. I have exact descriptions of the minerals; what do you suggest that I do? Thank you.

Non-producing minerals are not taxed in Texas. Surface land as well as producing minerals are taxed. If your father owned surface land with minerals and did not pay the property taxes, it is possible the parcels could have been sold. See if you can find your father’s name as grantee or grantor on texasfile or courthousedirect in the counties in question.


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