Minerals in Lavaca County

My wife and I have interest in 180 acres in Lavaca County that maps show are in the Eagle Ford Shale development. Are any petroleum companies still leasing in that area?

ompanies like Penn Virginia, Sanchez, Burlington, ZaZa, Geosouthern and NFR are actively drilling and assume that they may still be leasing.

Thank you Przzz!

My wife & I also have mineral interest in Lavaca County. We are leased to Penn Virginia. If you look at area maps you will notice that the most active is a area identified as volatile oil & gas window. This window extends through Lavaca County along Hwy 95 from just north of Shiner through Moulton into Fayette County. The most active drilling seems currently about 3 miles east of 95 but 4-5 miles west of 95, halfway between Shiner & Moulton. This is just my opinion , & based on current known activity. PVA has drilled more than 141 wells in the last year according to a June 24, 2013 report that is available online. This report is very informative and a good read. Private message me for more info.


EOG and BP could be as well.

I contacted landmen from just about all of these companies. I was surprised that all of them called me back, one of them called twice. Each one was very cordial, and did not mind answering my questions.

It seems that since we are just a few short miles south of Yoakum, and east of 111, there is no interest in leasing in that area at this time. Although it has an abundance of hydrocarbons, they just are not worth going after now.

If anyone hears of someone leasing in the area I described, please let me know.