Minerals For Sale Going Rates and Current Lease Bonus Rates

What kind of offers have you gotten on your producing and nonproducing minerals in Payne, Logan and Garfield Counties. Who is buying and who is making the best offers. Post $$ amount offered and if the offer is for producing or nonproducing minerals. Please post your experience, this may save some from selling too low.

You can also post current Leasing Bonus rates if you wish.

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hi I would like to discuss this with you - you can email me at djaacord59@gmail.com

Just curious what sections are you in, I am 27 21n 3w Garfield county in the far southeast corner. Near Hayward Lake?

From deeded sales in the county

PAYNE Source Rock to Sooner 1/28/15 23.14 net acres sold $74,500

GARFIELD Omega - Royalty Acqu. 2/6/15 8 net acres $5000 (non-participating royalty deed)

In Sec. 36 - 20N4W, gross acres was 160

I expect to see a drop in offers and amounts this year, but there may be some bargain hunting buyers around

I just got back from the farm for a few days and thought I would tell you what I found out on the well. White Star has a 5 year that they don’t have to plug the well. According to records, the well doesn’t make enough with today prices to keep it running. I feel they are trying to sell a dead horse. East side of Garfield Co. is dead right now as everyone is on the west side or Kingfisher Co.

Offered 12-20N-6W $3000.00/acre to purchase from Dakota Land. 6-15-18